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Re: memory allocation

At  9:59 PM 6/14/94 +0000, Xiaolan Zhang wrote:
>I am testing a program which uses wood and requires large amount of memory.
>Through backtrace I found out that it stopped at the point where

It stopped with a message saying "Memory allocation request failed", right?

>        ccl::%make-initialized-uvector
>was called.  The three arguments passed were: 1063186, ??, and 62.  At the
>time the program stopped, there was still more than 3M memory available.

The first argument is the size of the uvector, in this case in longs, e.g. about
4.25 megabytes.  The third argument is the subtype of the uvector, 62 indicates
you were making a hash table vector.

Hash table vectors have to hold both the key and the value, so are twice the
size of the number of entries in the hash table (plus a small overhead amount).

So the 3M memory available wasn't sufficient to create this hash table.  You can
fix it by either increasing your memory size (or decreasing the size of the hash

>Does anybody know what the three arguments represent or where can I find
>the documents about the function ccl::%make-initialized-uvector?  Thanks.

%make-initialized-uvector is an internal function of MCL and therefore isn't

>email: xzhang@ccs.neu.edu