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icon-dialog-item bug??

Hi. I want to put up a dialog, put a view inside it, and put a
clickable icon inside the view. This works - but only as long as the
view is the top part of the dialog! 

I loaded "examples:icon-dialog-item.lisp" and then typed in the listener:

(setf win (make-instance 'dialog))
(setf vi (make-instance 'view))
(setf ike (make-dialog-item 'icon-dialog-item
	                    nil nil ""
                            #'(lambda (item) item
				(format *top-listener* "This works."))))
(add-subviews vi ike)
(add-subviews win vi)

This works fine - click on the icon, and "This works" appears in the
listener. But if you:

(set-view-position vi #@(50 50))

Then clicking on the icon no longer does anything (that I can see,
anyway). Move vi back to the top of win, and the icon works again.

What am I missing??

Thanks, and sorry if this has come up before...