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Re: icon-dialog-item bug??

At  8:08 PM 6/18/94 +0000, Kim Binsted wrote:
>Hi. I want to put up a dialog, put a view inside it, and put a
>clickable icon inside the view. This works - but only as long as the
>view is the top part of the dialog!
>I loaded "examples:icon-dialog-item.lisp" and then typed in the listener:
>(setf win (make-instance 'dialog))
>(setf vi (make-instance 'view))
>(setf ike (make-dialog-item 'icon-dialog-item
>	                    nil nil ""
>                            #'(lambda (item) item
>				(format *top-listener* "This works."))))
>(add-subviews vi ike)
>(add-subviews win vi)
>This works fine - click on the icon, and "This works" appears in the
>listener. But if you:
>(set-view-position vi #@(50 50))
>Then clicking on the icon no longer does anything (that I can see,
>anyway). Move vi back to the top of win, and the icon works again.
>What am I missing??

This is a new bug. Here's a (source) patch. Changes are CAPITALIZED.

(defmethod view-click-event-handler ((item icon-dialog-item) where)
  (declare (ignore where))
  (let* ((pos (view-position item))
         (inverted-p nil)               ;true when the mouse is over the icon
    (with-focused-view CONTAINER        ;Draw in the container's coordinates
      (rlet ((temp-rect :rect           ;temporarily allocate a rectangle
                        :topLeft pos
                        :botRight (add-points pos (view-size item))))
         (#_invertrect temp-rect)       ;initially invert the icon.
         (setq inverted-p t)
         (loop                          ;loop until the button is released
           (unless (mouse-down-p)
             (when inverted-p           ;if button released with mouse
                                        ;  over the icon, run the action
               (dialog-item-action item)
               (#_invertrect temp-rect)
               (setq inverted-p nil))
             (return-from view-click-event-handler))
           (if (#_PtInRect
                (view-mouse-position CONTAINER)
                temp-rect)           ;is mouse over the icon's rect?
             (unless inverted-p              ;yes, make sure it's inverted.
               (#_invertrect temp-rect)
               (setq inverted-p t))
             (when inverted-p                ;no, make sure it's not inverted.
               (#_invertrect temp-rect)
               (setq inverted-p nil)))))))))