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Re: parameter specializer (eql object) -- I'm confused

Subject: parameter specializer (eql object) -- I'm confused
From: Paul Shannon, pshannon@iapetus.cv.nrao.edu
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 1994 01:12:19 GMT
In article <PSHANNON.94Jun20211219@iapetus.cv.nrao.edu> Paul Shannon, pshannon@iapetus.cv.nrao.edu writes:
>I would like to be able to specialize a method on the value of
>an object, like this:
>    (defmethod dispatch ((eql "Save"))
>       ...)
>I can't get this to work under Macintosh Common Lisp (2.0.1)
>(defmethod dispatch-callback ((eql "Apple") (eql "Save"))
>  (format t "dispatch-callback:  apple, save~%"))
>Error: Illegal arg "Apple"
>I guess I've misconstrued this kind of parameter specializer.  Keene's
>book (as far as I can tell) doesn't present examples.  
>Any advice?
> - Paul Shannon
>   pshannon@nrao.edu
>   National Radio Astronomy Observatory
>   Charlottesville, Virginia
The syntax is like this

(defmethod dispatch-callback ((var1 (eql "Apple")) 
	                          (var2 (eql "Save")))
 (format t "dispatch-callback:  apple, save~%"))
 but this won't work anyway because you need 'equal' for strings not 'eql'

 What effect are you trying to get? What do the other methods look like for this function?
Alexander Clark