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I have uploaded these 4 files to the contrib directory at

Jul  7  21233 kanji-fred-v3.2.sit.hqx
   New version kanji fred. This is a program to enable editing
   Japanese (Kanji) in fred editor. It needs Japanese system.

Jun 29   6714 find-method-dialog.sit.hqx
   This is a program to find or remove method rapidly.

Jun 29   4639 movie-window-with-controller.lisp
   A simple movie player with movie controller.

Jun 24   4228 think-ref-lookup.lisp
   This code enables you to lookup THINK Reference (TM) from Fred editor.

----- Thanks -----
UEDA Masaya
Information Technology Research Lab., SHARP Co.
2613-1 Ichinomoto, Tenri, Nara 632, JAPAN