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Processing TEXT in MCL

I'm using MCL to extract relevant information from text files.  I have
three major problems doing this.  Solutions to ANY of these would be
VERY helpful:

1.  How do I tell MCL to open AS TEXT a file that is not type 

	While the files I need to OPEN with MCL contain ONLY text, 
	they are not TEXT file types.  (They are a text-file-type unique
	to FINALE 3.0 -- a music manuscripting program.)  When I simply
	OPEN and SAVE the files AS TEXT in MS WORD, MCL can process them 
	just fine.  But how to do that in MCL (without using WORD)???? 

2.  How to automatically eliminate commas?

	Currently, I simply setq the contents of the file as a list,
	cdr thru the list, and extract what I need.  This works fine
	AFTER I search (using the SEARCH & REPLACE WINDOW) and eliminate 
	all commas.  How to automate this process?

3.  As far as I can tell, MCL is completely case-insensitive.  Is 
there any way around this??? Is there a way for MCL to
distinguish between upper and lower case in this text-file???

Thanks in advance!

David Evan Jones			Music Dept.
Professor, Music	 		University of California
DEJ@CATS.UCSC.EDU			Santa Cruz, CA. 95064