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Apple give us a sign - PLEASE!

 >Date: Sun, 31 Jul 1994 12:16:10 -0600
 >To: info-macl@cambridge.apple.com
 >From: ralex@cs.colorado.edu (Alex Repenning)
 >Subject: Apple give us a sign - PLEASE!
 >The  Email below to Alice Hartley (Apple ATG) bounced.

I'm sorry, Alice isn't with Apple any more. Last year, the Cambridge
lab joined DPG (the Developer Products Group), so we are no longer
part of ATG (the Advanced Technology Group)

 >Anybody left in the
 >sinking MCL boat caring to answer? I know Apple is talking to some unnamed
 >company about porting MCL to the PowerPC. Apple, PLEASE give the
 >increasingly frustrated MCL community some signs about your plans with MCL!
 >At this point any sign is better than the agony of waiting for something
 >that may never happen.

I'd like to, but we can't say anything until the negotiations are complete.

 >>1) If we give Agentsheets (a MCL image) to somebody having a MCL license, do
 >>   we need to take out anything. We would prefer not to.
 >>   Are we on the save side (legally) if they fax us a MCL license?

Any MCL customer can distribute an unlimited number of MCL applications
with a one-time license fee. For non-commercial apps, this is $10, for
commercial it's $100. Contact the Apple Software Licensing
department at SW.LICENSE@applelink.apple.com, or 512-919-2645.

 >>2) Editor and Compiler are essential to Agentsheets. Is there anything else
 >>we could take out. The tension here would be that we would like to take out
 >>as little as possible, whereas you would probably like to take out as much
 >>as possible. Should we think about a "custom redistribution agreement" (see
 >>Email below)?

You can distribute MCL images with the editor (Fred) intact, but in order to
distribute the compiler I'm sure we can reach an agreement. Please contact
the product manger, Rick Fleischman (Rick_Fleischman@powertalk.apple.com).