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Re: standalone common lisp application

At  2:18 PM 8/3/94 -0400, Abdulrahman Al-Tassan wrote:
>Some times ago I  requested an answer to the following question:
>How can I make my MCL applicaation standalone application?
>Andre Koehorst was so kind to take some time to answer me. However, I could not find
>the answer for the first question in the manual as he mentioned. Would any one
>please send  me the code  or specify other refrence (I have MCL v.20 manual).
>Sorry for annoying you with my problems, and I thank you for any help you
>can  provide.

The way to make a standalone application is to load everything into your MCL and
then call SAVE-APPLICATION.  SAVE-APPLICATION is documented on page 648 and
following of the manual, as well as on page 5 of the MCL 2.0 release notes.

There is an example of a standalone application shipped with MCL, see the Binhex.lisp
file in the Binhex folder under the Examples folder.

Hopefully that should get you started...