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Problem with System 7.5? (clarification)

It looks like loading print-u causes this problem.  I have the latest
version from contribs, and if I load it after MCL launches, I get the
window closing problems for all windows described below.  I guess I need to
look into the patches it makes to window-close.

If anyone has any ideas, or can either verify or refute my claim, please
let me know.


>I was playing with a copy of MCL on a machine with system 7.5 installed, and I
>noticed what may be a problem:
>If I evaluate any buffer or load any fasl file, saving a window with
>modifications will no longer remove the dagger next to the name and reset the
>window to clean, but it does appear to save the contents to disk.  This means
>that the only way to close the window is to say no when it asks if I want to
>save the changes.
>Is this a known problem, or should I look elsewhere for the cause?
>Are there other problems with 7.5?