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PPC-Native Common Lisp?

> I heard that MCL will not go native. Is that true? If it is true, is
> there any other company will port CL to PPC? Our lab is considering to
> buy 30 PowerMacs, if we can get PPC-native CL. My understanding is
> that the PowerPC instruction set is only a slight variation on the IBM
> RS/6000 instruction set.  Multiple vendors (e.g., Harlequin and Franz)
> support CL on the RS/6000.  Hence, your question more likely boils
> down to, Does any vendor plan to port their CL to the PowerMac in
> particular (i.e., to the Mac operating system)?  I don't know the
> answer, but I assume that it couldn't hurt to write to or speak with
> the vendors and express your interest. 
> Lawrence G. Mayka 
> AT&T Bell Laboratories
> lgm@ieain.att.com

You got some address we can write to to get a campaign going?