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Re: CLtL2 now available for ftp

In article <TMB.94Aug20212058@arolla.idiap.ch> tmb@idiap.ch writes:
>In article <straz-1708941543530001@straz.cambridge.apple.com> straz@cambridge.apple.com (Steve Strassmann) writes:
>|I'm very happy to announce that the complete sources (in TeX)
>|to Guy Steele's Common Lisp book are now available by anonymous
>|ftp from Apple. 
>Great!  This sounds like a perfect candidate for conversion to HTML.
>Has anybody tried?

I tried, using latex2html. The result is:


Code fragements and section references are missing,
probably because I didnt latex it first. If someone
manages to latex it, then creating the HTML files is
very easy, but takes a long time and a machine with a
reasonable amount of memory!