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Re: Req. advice on installation of MCL2.0 on PowerPC

At  1:22 PM 8/24/94 +0900, maeda@is.tokushima-u.ac.jp wrote:
 >My name is Alfredo Maeda from the University of Tokushima
 >in Japan, and I am a first time user of this e-mail based
 >MCL discussion group.
 >At my laboratory we have been doing research using MCL on 
 >diverse Macintosh platforms for a couple of years.  MCL 
 >had run fine until I installed it on a PowerPC 8100/80AV. 
 >Regardless of what I do (use virtual memory, install the
 >Ptable, etc.) every time I invoke MCL the system bombs
 >and sends system error 7, after which the only thing
 >I can do is reset the computer :-<
 >I will very much appreciate any comments on what to do
 >to get MCL running on my PowerPC.

Hi there! You can get these and other answers from the
MCL FAQ, which is in

If you have MCL 2.0, you need to upgrade it to
MCL 2.0.1. This is available free by anonymous ftp from 

It's also available from APDA:
Macintosh Common Lisp v. 2.0 to v. 2.0.1 Upgrade
 R0561LL/A -- $25.00
 Includes 3 Mac disks and a CD-ROM, no manuals
 Available to owners of MCL 2.0

* Does MCL run on PowerPC?

MCL 2.01 does not run in native mode on PowerPC, nor does it generate 
native mode applications.

MCL 2.0.1 runs under emulation on PowerPC Macs, if you do two things:
 1) You don't use Apple's Virtual Memory (VM is ok with the patch below), and 
 2) You turn off the "Modern Memory Manager" in the Memory control panel. 
The PPC's 68K emulator returns a hitherto-unheard-of MMU type which the 
released MCL doesn't handle.

There is now a patch to make it run under VM. It's available for 
anonymous ftp as

To make it run under the modern memory manager will require some 
further investigation. Apple is committed to making sure MCL 2.0.1 
runs smoothly on PowerPC, at least under the 68K emulation mode.