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Re: native mcl for power pc

At  9:07 PM 8/23/94 -0400, Abdulrahman Al-Tassan wrote:
 >I have had some bad experinences with mcl on power pc (both 6100 and 7100). Seral times the system crashed for no appreant reasons. Is this because that the
 >version that I am working on (mcl 2.0.1) was not designed for power pc? Or there
 >some thing else? Do we expect mcl designed for power pc soon?
 >By the way I have run mcl on Mac ci without any problems.

Hi there! You can get these and other answers from the
MCL FAQ, which is in

* Does MCL run on PowerPC?

MCL 2.01 does not run in native mode on PowerPC, nor does it generate 
native mode applications.

MCL 2.0.1 runs under emulation on PowerPC Macs, if you do two things:
 1) You don't use Apple's Virtual Memory (VM is ok with the patch below), and 
 2) You turn off the "Modern Memory Manager" in the Memory control panel. 
The PPC's 68K emulator returns a hitherto-unheard-of MMU type which the 
released MCL doesn't handle.

There is now a patch to make it run under VM. It's available for 
anonymous ftp as

To make it run under the modern memory manager will require some 
further investigation. Apple is committed to making sure MCL 2.0.1 
runs smoothly on PowerPC, at least under the 68K emulation mode.