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Re: CLtL2 now available for ftp

Guy Steele sent me the following patch for the "chiron" problem:

    \newif\ifchiron \chironfalse

That indeed stopped the "chiron" complaint, but led to the next series:

No file frontmatter.aux.
No file intro.aux.
... etc. ...

! Undefined control sequence.
\startmargin ->\PostScriptFile 

If you know TeX/LaTeX (I don't) and would like to help get the CLtL2 
sources back in shape, send me email.  I think it would be great 
to have it online in a variety of formats.  I can do the PostScript 
and Acrobat/PDF work here; HTML and other wizards are also invited 
to participate. 

Jim Meehan
Imaging Systems Group
Adobe Systems Inc.