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clim 2.0 for mcl ; clim 2.0 for the PC

At one point, Lucid was working on CLIM 2.0 for MCL. With Lucid's
recent troubles, is there any hope that CLIM 2.0 will ever be
available for MCL?

Does any vendor currently offer or plan to offer a CL supporting CLIM
2.0 for Intel PCs?

                                                        --Chuck Irvine
Cadence Design Systems, Inc./Alta Group                 FAX (913) 841-1345
Suite A			  				irvine@lks.csi.com
1310 Wakarusa Dr.	                 		(913) 841-1283
Lawrence, KS 66049

PS: Has Apple officially announced that they will port MCS to the
PowerPC? I had heard a rumor that they intended to do so.