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Re: What files?

 > I want to install MCL.But at cambridge.apple.com:/pub/mcl/,
 >there are so many files.
 > I would like to have some archives.Are there any?

The archives are in /pub/mcl/mail-archive.

Many of the files on our ftp site are also available on the 
MCL 2.0.1 CD-ROM, available from APDA to registered MCL 2.0
owners. It's $25 in the US, I'm afraid I don't know the price
in Japan. Of course, there are some newer files on our ftp
site than are on the CD.

In Japan, please contact APDA at:

FIX, Inc.
APDA Business Office
Mitsui Seimei Sapporo Kyodo
Bldg 4F
N4W5 Chuo-ku
Sapporo 060 Japan
email: FIXJAPAN.DVJ@applelink.apple.com
phone: 03-5802-0755
fax:   03-5802-0756