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Re: LPA Prolog

There are also some "free" Prologs for the Mac.

Two which use my eConsole interaction window and editor package are:

Tricia Prolog (from UPSALA UPMAIL)

SICStus Prolog (from SICS)

Cuts from their readme files are reproduced below. You may also be able to
find Tricia on Sumex or other Mac software distribution sites.


This is Tricia 0.9b, an Edinburgh style Prolog system for Macintosh (and
u**x) computers. You may do whatever you like with it, as it is hereby
placed in the public domain. We do not take any responsibility for this
software, neither do we (actively) support it. Therefore, YOU USE THIS

There is currently no manual, any good Prolog book will cover the Edinburgh
syntax and usual predefined predicates. There is only a basic console
interface, i.e., no Mac specifics (at least not documented). Tricia runs on
system 6 or later (including system 7) and requires 2523 K from the Finder.
There is no use to give it more or less as it will not adjust
automatically. It is possible to do it from ResEdit etc., but that is not
documented. It would probably be possible to run on a 2 Meg Macintosh this

Tricia has a decent debugger for interpreted code. Compilation (to WAM byte
code) of a file xxx.pl is done by calling fcompile(xxx), which produces a
file xxx.bc which, in turn, can be loaded by load(xxx).

Please report bugs to tricia-bug@csd.uu.se, send requests to
tricia-request@csd.uu.se. Latest version always as anonymous ftp to
ftp.csd.uu.se in directory pub/Tricia

We will soon release the sources too!

Share and enjoy!

Credits to:
Jonas Barklund, Monika Danielsson, Jan Gabrielsson, Per Mildner, Per-Eric
Olsson and Jan W|nsche. The compiler was kindly contributed by Mats

          Macintosh SICStus Prolog Release 2.1#9

                       Ported by

                      Kent Boortz


This is a straight port of SICStus to Macintosh. It will NOT
give you a Macintosh graphical user interface. It is mainly
for those who already use SICStus on a Unix system and want
to use it on a Mac at home or on the road.

Note that the work with the Macintosh port of SICStus is
NOT part of any project on SICS. Direct bugs and comments
direct to me. You can't expect the same response as for
other bug reports or problems with SICStus.


SICStus is NOT free software. It is licensed software. To use it
you have to have your own license or be associated with an
organisation that have a license.


SICStus is distributed in binary and source form. You can create
a Macintosh application from the SICStus sources with Think C
version 5.0.4.


To run SICStus you need at least 2.5 Mbyte free. It is possible
to compile very small programs with 1.5 Mbyte free. It should work
with a Macintosh Plus and up. It will work with 32 bit addressing
and virtual memory. The startup time from a hard disk will be
from 10 to 20 seconds on a modern Mac. On a Mac Plus it will take
several minutes.

It is tested with System 7 but it should work from 6.04 and up.

You will need a hard disk with 1.5 Mbyte free to do a minimal
installation from diskette.