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Garbage Collection with 4 RAM (HELP!!)

I am going to be running an MCL program on some LC III's
with 4 RAM.  I am using a minimal system 7 boot (about 1,200K)
and my application is just small enough to run.  However,
there is an excessive amount of GC (with windows being
invalidated to gray).

I am saving the application without the compiler.  But I was
wondering if there were any more memory-saving tricks I could
try, or if perhaps (!) there was some way to reduce the amount
of time spend garbage collecting.  Specifically, would changing
the heap size of MCL/Lisp affect this?  (And how does one do so?)
And how does one make use of EGC?

Many thanks in advance.

-- Thad Crews <thaddeus@vuse.vanderbilt.edu>
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