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Re: mcl tcp telnet

In article <38ju1l$p64@gort.oit.umass.edu>, jlhF88@newhamp.hampshire.edu
(jlhF88) wrote:

> I am looking for mcl liberary that provides an interfaces with the TCP
> connection and telnet protocol. Could someone point me in the right
> direction??

Try the following to get the time over the network.

There are also wonderful tcp examples on the cambridge server. We wrote a
tcp based eval server, also on the server

(require :MacTCP)

(defun get-time (host)
  (let ((stream 
         (open-tcp-stream host "DayTime")))
      (ccl::telnet-read-line stream)
      (close stream))))

(get-time "")
"Tue Nov  1 23:44:29 MET 1994"