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Apple Turns Over MCL Development to Digitool

Janet Spinks
Regis McKenna, Inc.
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Apple Turns Over Development of Macintosh Common Lisp to Digitool, Inc.
Digitool to Market and Support Macintosh Common Lisp, Provide Native Power
Macintosh Version
Cupertino, California--November 10, 1994--As part of its program to
accelerate the availability of developer tools for the Power Macintosh , and
demonstrating its commitment to Macintosh  Common Lisp (MCL) users, Apple
Computer, Inc. today announced that it has licensed its MCL development
software to Digitool, Inc.  The purpose of the agreement is for Digitool to
take over future development of MCL.  Digitool has agreed to provide ongoing
marketing and technical support for MCL, and to introduce next year a Power
Macintosh version of the software, which will generate native PowerPC code.

     Digitool also has agreed to continue further development of the version
of MCL for Macintosh systems based on the Motorola 680x0 processors.  Apple 
will continue to offer MCL through APDA, the company's source for developer

     "This agreement underscores Apple's ongoing commitment to the developer
community to provide strong support for our developer tools and to allow
developers to move their code forward to new hardware platforms and OS
releases," commented Peter Christy, Apple's senior director of Developer
Products Engineering.  "With this agreement, Apple and Digitool will be
working together to ensure a bright future for MCL on both the 680x0-based
Macintosh and Power Macintosh."

     Apple now expects that developers who have programs based on MCL code
will be able to continue development efforts with the knowledge that their
code can be ported to the Power Macintosh.  In addition, developers will
benefit by full support--and future enhancements--of the 680x0 version of MCL
by Digitool.

     "Digitool is very pleased with this new MCL responsibility," said Hazem
Sayed, president and founder of Digitool.  "MCL is in a league of its own as
an implementation of the Common Lisp standard and object system.  It has sold
many Lisp users on the Macintosh and sold many Macintosh developers on Lisp. 
Now, as well as with our future release of a Power Macintosh native MCL, many
of the large workstation-based Lisp systems developed in academe, aerospace,
telecommunications, military, finance and medicine will find an unbeatable
price/performance delivery platform."

     Digitool, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a new software company
formed by the principals of Paradigm Software, Incorporated, and staffed by
former employees of Apple's MCL development team. Digitool's MCL development
effort is partially funded by eleven corporate sponsors and MCL customers
including Apple Computer, Inc., Flavors Technology, Inc., KyTek, Inc., Lissys
Ltd., and the University of Basel.

Product Summary
     Common Lisp is an advanced programming language widely used in industry
and research.  MCL is recognized as a premier implementation of Common Lisp
on personal computers with performance comparable to Lisp workstations.  An
object-oriented dynamic language, MCL implements the ANSI Common Lisp Object
System (CLOS) and includes an incremental compiler and application generator.
 MCL is ideally suited for quick application prototyping and provides a
delivery environment for intelligent applications as well as high-level
Macintosh interface access.

Availability and Pricing
     MCL Version 2.0.1 is available for U.S. $495 through APDA, Apple's
source for development tools and related programming products. Pricing for
future versions will be announced upon product availability.  Digitool also
has announced that it will provide current users with the ability to upgrade
to future versions at a reduced price.  Site licenses for MCL are also
available from APDA.

     APDA publishes the APDA Tools Catalog which describes hundreds of Apple
and third-party products. Developers should contact APDA for orders only and
Digitool for product support and  all other inquiries using the following
addresses or phone numbers.
Apple Computer, Inc.
P.O. Box 319
Buffalo, NY 14207-0319
800-282-2732 (U.S.A.)
800-637-0029 (Canada)
716-871-6555 (International)
716-871-6511 (Fax)
Digitool, Inc.
675 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
617-576-7680 (fax)
DIGITOOL (AppleLink)
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