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Re: pb with start-picture

Mathieu Lafourcade writes on Sat 10 DEc:
  I would like to create a picture off-screen, but it seems that the view
  should be visible and always bigger than my picture otherwise the view is
  not completly drawn.

  How can I adress this?
I've contributed code in the contrib library (available by anonymous ftp
from cambridge.apple.com in the file 
If you examine the oou-utils.lisp file within the binhexed archive,
you'll find routines that manipulate a class of windows called a wmgr-view.
The routines allow you to "save" and "restore" a portion of the screen view
(either in color or 1-bit monochrome). Part of the code appears below. Notice
that it always sets the clip region of a wmgr-view to the maximum extent.

Hopefully, this will help.

(defmethod view-clip-region ((sv WMgr-view))
  (declare (ignore sv))
  (#_SetRectRgn :ptr ccl::*simple-view-clip-region* 
   :signed-integer -32768 :signed-integer -32768 
   :signed-integer 32767 :signed-integer 32767)