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Subject: timed-y-or-n-p
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>I would like to read a character from the keyboard but if after a specified
>period of time nothing is inputed, for the character to be defaulted to a
>pre-specified character and the read aborted.  Any help would be appreciated.

This may help you get started.

(defun timed-y-or-n-p (&key
                       (time-limit 15)
                       (default nil)
                       (clear-input nil)
                       (beep t)
                       (format-string nil)
                       (format-arguments ()))
  (check-type time-limit (and number (not complex) (satisfies plusp)))
    (fresh-line *query-io*)
    (when format-string
      (apply #'format *query-io* format-string format-arguments))
    (format *query-io* " (y or n, Default ~:[~S~;~:[No~;Yes~]~] after ~d
seconds) "
            (or (null default) (eq default t))
    (when clear-input
      (clear-input *query-io*))
    (when beep
      (#_sysbeep :word 3))
    (macrolet ((prin-default
                 `(case default
                    ((t) (princ "Yes." *query-io*))
                    ((nil) (princ "No." *query-io*))
                    (otherwise (prin1 default *query-io*))))
                 `(return-from timed-y-or-n-p ,result)))
      (DO ((wwkkff (+ (#_TickCount ) (ROUND TIME-LIMIT 1/60))))
          ((>= (CCL::%STACK-TRAP 43381 5) wwkkff)
           (PRINC " (timeout)" *QUERY-IO*)
           (RESULT DEFAULT))
          ((#\Y #\y) (PRINC "es." *QUERY-IO*) (RESULT T))
          ((#\N #\n) (PRINC "o." *QUERY-IO*) (RESULT NIL))
          ((#\Newline #\Space) (PRIN-DEFAULT) (RESULT DEFAULT))
          (OTHERWISE (RETURN)))