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Re: picture of whole window ?

At 7:09 PM 12/13/94, Matti Karjalainen wrote:
>Is there a way of finite complexity to capture a picture of an entire
>window. I don't mean pixmap capture but a real pict. To capture the
>contents is easy: start-(c)picture, view-draw-contents, get-picture. This
>gives only the content region. But I want to have the frame region as well
>nicely into the same picture. Have anyone worked this out already, or any
>Matti Karjalainen

There are a number of screen sampling applications, FKEYs & DA's.
The <command><shift>-3 FKEY, built into the Mac may be good enough.
It saves a screen shot to a file named "Picture <n>" on your system disk.
You can then edit this file with a paint program to get just the window
you're interested in.