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CLOS browser!!!

Hi all CLOS hackers,

finally, between the old and the NEW YEAR, I got some time to make a
'stand alone' version of my class browser. Normally, it's part of our
graphic library, but I hope, I found all necessary pieces to make it run.
That's why, some message windows won't look very fine, because I didn't
want to reimplement parts of our library.

The browser gives you a full graphic interface to browse through the whole
class structure - or parts of it, as you like it!

You can find it at ftp.cambridge.apple.com in /pub/mcl/contrib
The file is called BambiBrowser.sea.bin.

The browser itself is not so many code, so you can adapt it to your own
interface, if you like.
Some stuff I used to realize it, is extremely usable in a lot other
situations when programming GUIs. So feel free to use it.
Unfortunately, the comments - if existing at all ;-) - are mostly in german.

Don't mind bothering me with questions or suggestions what to make better.

Most of the stuff is LISP version independant (i.e. the hierarchy tool),
so you can try to use it on other machines ( a adaption for ACL/W 2.0 is
included), but others, like the extremely helpful sequence search tool,
are more tricky MCL code, that's why it is MCL bound.

Have fun and happy hacking,

- stefan
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Stefan K. Bamberger          email: bambi@informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de
Lehrstuhl f"ur Informatik VI                 voice : ++49 931 7056114
Universit"at W"urzburg / Germany               Fax : ++49 931 7056120