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Re: cstring argument in deffcfun

In article <9501091107.AA49550@unix1.sncc.lsu.edu> Clinton R Lefort,
clefort@unix1.sncc.lsu.edu writes:
>I am trying to pass a cstring in this argument,unable to pass
>correct arguments.. the c environment is expecting a string as its argument,
>will return a long integer:
>(deffcfun (ml-open-s "MYcstring") ("mycstring" :cstring) :long); unsuccessful

Forgive me for suggesting the obvious, but what about using 
the WITH-CSTRS macro?  E.g.:

(with-cstrs ((s "mycstring")) ...)

(DEFFCFUN is unfamiliar to me.)

Good luck.

Tom McDougal    University of Chicago Artificial Intelligence