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implementing TCP-SERVERS in MCL

For some applications we need to implement a tcp-server in Mcl 2.0.1 that
runs in background, listens for an incoming connection and serves it

With a simple patch to %TCP-CONTROL, omitting the loop that waits for a
connection in passive mode, we sort of managed this, see for example the
code for tcp-based-eval-server on cambridge, but have tremendous crashing
problems for a real application (porting the cl-http-server)

One crux is for example is that we don't know a way to decide whether a
client has read all data from the tcp-stream and we can safely close it
(Flush-output does not work).

Has anybody else experiences with tcp-servers in mcl 2.0.1 and could give
some advise or exchange experiences?


 Karsten A. Poeck, Lehrstuhl fuer Informatik VI, Universitaet Wuerzburg
 Allesgrundweg 12, 97218 Gerbrunn, Germany
 E-mail: poeck@informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de
 Tel ++ 49 931 70561 18, Fax ++ 49 931 70561 20