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Peridic tasks in MCL 2.0.1

For some applications we need to execute a task peridically in background.
e.g. listening for an incomming tcp-connection.

Up to now we used an undocumented mcl internal
(CCL::%INSTALL-PERIODIC-TASK), but that might not be the best idea.

Using the documented ccl:*eventhook* I can get a similar functionality,
code is included in the appendix, but I wonder if there is a better, safer
or cleaner way to do this


;;;;sample code
(in-package :cl-user)

(defvar *id-tasks-plist* nil)

(defun install-simple-peridic-task (id funktion interval &key (ignore-errors t))
  (declare (ignore interval))
  ;will handle interval in the future
  (let ((old-function (getf *id-tasks-plist* id))
        (new-function #'(lambda()
                          (when (zerop (mod (get-internal-run-time) 60))
                            (if ignore-errors
                              (ignore-errors (funcall funktion))
                              (funcall funktion)
    (when old-function
      (setq ccl:*eventhook* (delete old-function ccl:*eventhook*)))
    (pushnew new-function ccl:*eventhook*)
    (setf (getf *id-tasks-plist* id)

(defun deinstall-simple-periodic-task (id)
  (setq ccl:*eventhook* (delete (getf *id-tasks-plist* id) ccl:*eventhook*)))

       (sekunde minute stunde tag monat jahr wochentag egal1 egal2)
       (declare (ignore stunde tag monat jahr wochentag egal1 egal2))
       (format ccl:*top-listener* "~2d:~2d" minute sekunde))
     (let ((a 'a))
       (+ 1 a))

(deinstall-simple-periodic-task :test)


 Karsten A. Poeck, Lehrstuhl fuer Informatik VI, Universitaet Wuerzburg
 Allesgrundweg 12, 97218 Gerbrunn, Germany
 E-mail: poeck@informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de
 Tel ++ 49  931 70561 18, Fax ++ 49 931 70561 20