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Re: MacHTTP, Applescript and MCL

>I'd like to send a WWW(Omega)sdoc event to MCL.
>Before I sink into the morass of AppleEvents and interprocess
>communication documentation, has anyone been this way before?
>Thanks in anticipation.

If you want to send MCL an appleevent check out
ccl:examples;appleevent-toolkit.lisp and ccl:examples;eval-server.lisp.  If
you want MCL to control other scriptable applications via applescript,
check out Applescript-from-lisp in the cambridge archives -
(http://www.cambridge.apple.com/ or follow the link from
http://www.apple.com/).  Browse around, I think you will find at least one
other contributed file which deals with some of the hair of appleevents.

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