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Re: MacHTTP, Applescript and MCL

>Our experience with AppleScript <-> MCL interfacing is that it is
>_very_slow_. By very slow, I mean that to send a message to an
>application and get an answer back takes on the order of 2 minutes. The
>application (FileMaker) processed the request under 1 second, so the
>delay is entirely in AppleScript.
>If anybody out there has a secret to better performance, I'd like to
>hear it, but unless you have a very non-time-critical application, I'd
>look for another way.

The Apple event process isn't notably speedy, but it isn't *that* slow,
either.  Something else is going on (perhaps a foreground process--or yet
another background one--hogging cycles, perhaps the MCL app not checking
for incoming Apple events very often.  Also, incoming high-level events
(which includes Apple events), are of fairly low priority:  above only null
events.  If the MCL app is leaving anything of higher priority on the event
queue for any reason, the high level event won't be received unless it is
asked for with most other events masked out.  [IM: Mac Toolbox Essentials,
pp 2-13 to 2-15 and many places in the volume.]


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