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Re: Speech-Manager.lisp contributed code

You need to put the MCL library and interface files under your MCL folder
so that when the speech-manager searches for traps it can find the
traps.idx file.
These files probably came with your MCL image. 


At  1:50 PM 1/26/95 -0500, Bob Hall wrote:
>When I try to load the file Speech-Manager.lisp (which I downloaded from
>the archive), I get the error
>"ccl:interfaces;index;traps.idx". [...]
>I have tried reindexing interfaces, but still no luck.  If I continue from this
>error, I get more (similar) ones having to do with missing traps.
>Yes, my Mac does have the speech manager, as "Simple Text" can speak at me.
>Any help would be appreciated.
>-- Bob
>p.s. I would have sent directly to the authors, but the code does not seem
>to contain their email addresses.