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Re: MacHTTP, Applescript and MCL

Excerpts from netnews.comp.lang.lisp.mcl: 23-Jan-95 Re: MacHTTP,
Applescript an.. by John W. Baxter@olympus.n 
> >Our experience with AppleScript <-> MCL interfacing is that it is
> >_very_slow_. By very slow, I mean that to send a message to an
> >application and get an answer back takes on the order of 2 minutes. The
> >application (FileMaker) processed the request under 1 second, so the
> >delay is entirely in AppleScript.

I haven't had any speed problems using AppleEvents with MCL (I get a
response from Excel within a second), but I construct the AppleEvents
myself, instead of using the OSA routines (OSACompile and OSAExecute). I
don't have the numbers anymore, but when I tested compiling AppleScript
using those routines rather than creating the AppleEvents directly, the
OSA routines were orders of magnitude slower. If you have a compiled
script that you run frequently, the penalty isn't that much (although
still significant), but compiling scripts is very slow.