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Re: Incompatibility with MachTen.

Send me the names and addresses of who you contacted at Tenon.  We will
follow up.

Hazem Sayed

Digitool, Inc.
                          675 Massachusetts Avenue   Cambridge, MA 02139   USA
                           Internet: hsayed@digitool.com   AppleLink: digitool
                                         Tel: 617 441-5000   Fax: 617 576-7680

At  2:40 AM 1/28/95 +0100, Tobias Kunze wrote:
>I addressed the topic way back in April or March (as I remember) but
>apparently couldn't get MachTen and (at that time Apple Cambridge) to
>get in touch with each other.  I ended up supplying email and other
>addresses to both parts because Tenon as well as AC said they would be
>happy to give a copy of their product to the other part, but nothing
>seems to have happened...
>I then suspected that I would probably be the only one running into this
>problem, but since we're at least two now...  :)

At 12:07 PM 1/27/95 -0600, Rob Browning wrote:
>There seems to be an incompatibility between MachTen professional and MCL.
>MCL freezes the machine on launch. I would expect that there is a VM
>problem since MCL uses the MMU for garbage collection, and MachTen uses it
>to reimplement the Macintosh's virtual memory scheme (you get VM with a
>swap file that only exists/grows when needed).  I told the people at Tenon
>about my suspicion and they responded:
>>Yes, that's possible.  However, any attempt by another program to mess with
>>the virtual memory hardware while MachTen professional is running will
>>probably fail fatally.  We had similar trouble with Quasar's SmallTalk
>>Agents, but we fixed their problem shortly after receiving a copy of their
>Anyone at Digitool want to send them a copy to work on?  :>