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Re: Incompatibility with MachTen.

At  2:40 1/28/95 +0100, Tobias Kunze wrote:
>> There seems to be an incompatibility between MachTen professional and MCL.

[original bug report elided]

>I addressed the topic way back in April or March (as I remember) but
>apparently couldn't get MachTen and (at that time Apple Cambridge) to
>get in touch with each other.  I ended up supplying email and other
>addresses to both parts because Tenon as well as AC said they would be
>happy to give a copy of their product to the other part, but nothing
>seems to have happened...
>I then suspected that I would probably be the only one running into this
>problem, but since we're at least two now...  :)

Below is the only mail exchange on this subject in my archives.  Note that
the original message from Tobias Kunze doesn't provide any contact information
for the purveyors of MachTen, nor did I ever hear from them. 

At 11:43 PM 8/5/94 -0600, Tobias Kunze wrote:
>I recently bought Tenon's great MachTen Unix implementation for the
>Macintosh. The single drawback is that MCL 2.0.1 crashes (that
>is, will not even let me break into Macsbug) if I run
>MachTen in its full-fledged Unix Virtual-Memory environment.
>(MachTen's VM completely replaces Apple's Sys 7 VM Manager.)
>Now, what strikes me is that MachTen's VM management--unlike that
>of RAM Doubler!--seems to let even the weirdest mac hacks run comfortably
>except of MCL :(
>I already checked with Tenon's Technical Support Staff at tentech@tenon.com
>and they said they would like to both have a MCL copy from and give a
>MachTen copy to the mcl development team if I could point them to a
>person at cambridge to contact. I directed them to bug-mcl.
>Is there any hope that this might get fixed someday?

[Sorry for the delay in answering; I just spent two weeks vacation in Muenchen,
Basel & Spiez].

There is hope.  Tell them to contact me (Kalman Reti, 617-374-5326).  I can't
promise to spend a lot of time, but I'll try it out if they send me a copy of
MachTen (and I'll arrange to get them a copy of MCL).