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Re: check-box and radio-button part colors

> Date: Fri, 27 Jan 1995 10:33:04 -0400
> To: tkunze@ccrma.Stanford.EDU (Tobias Kunze)
> From: bill@cambridge.apple.com (Bill St. Clair)
> Subject: Re: check-box and radio-button part colors
> Cc: bug-mcl@digitool.com, bill@cambridge.apple.com

> At 1:42 AM 1/27/95, Tobias Kunze wrote:
> >check-box- and radio-button-dialog-items don't seem to respect 

> >:part-color arguments, ie they get simply drawn as b/w controls.
> >
> >is this a known bug/flaw? 

> >are there any patches available?

> The :frame and :text part colors work fine.

> The :body part color is ignored. Instead, check box & radio button
> controls get their body color from the :content color of
> the enclosing window. This is hard wired into the CDEFs for
> those controls, so it can't be changed without patching or
> replacing the CDEFs.

> Conclusion. This is not an MCL bug. It is a Macintosh toolbox
> "feature".

Thanks a lot for the clarification, Bill!  

   (It turned out that I had to consult the online version
    of the MCL manual, though, since our printed version
    didn't tell anything about :content colors of windows...)

However, things seem to get even more complicated! 

I need to implement windows which have a light-gray upper
(dialog-like) pane and a white lower (editor-like) pane--very much 

like Apple's Script Editor and Mailer applications.  The light-gray
panesthus have generally controls in it like radio buttons and
checkboxes, whose :body color should be always light-gray, too.

Following your suggestion, I tried to set the :content color of their enclosing
to ccl:*light-gray-color*, which works fine for the buttons.  However, I can
do so only for the WHOLE window.  Defining a new
"white-view" class with a :before method to 

view-draw-contents that (re)paints the view in white 

doesn't help, because  it paints IN BLACK on b/w screens  :(  

I need a GENERAL color handling mechanism which works on ANY
screen combination, even if one part of a view is on a b/w
screen and another on a color screen. I thought that picking a
color value over 32768 would result in a white color on b/w
screens, but apparently i was wrong on that point!

Any hints or even solutions greatly appreciated!