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more about modem use

I am using comm-toolbox.lisp (from the archive) to try to programmatically
control a modem connection.  When I pass a (BAUD "9600") pair in the
configuration alist for the connection tool (Apple Modem Tool), the tool
yields a parse error.  Actually, it seems to error for any baud value
(e.g. "2400" as well).  My copy of "Inside the Mac Comm Toolbox" Appendix B,
however, lists BAUD as a valid configuration parameter.  Is it possible
BAUD was removed as a configuration parameter (seemingly reasonable, since
modems decide among themselves how fast to go anyway, nowadays) from
the Apple Modem Tool?  Or is there some problem with the lisp code?

Simply leaving out the baud rate configuration parameter seems to work
pretty well, except I get a message box that says "the connection was
established at 9600 baud instead", because the default configuration of
the Apple Modem Tool is evidently 2400 baud.  Which, of course, contradicts
my conjecture above about baud rate having been dropped from the configuration

Anyway, thanks in advance for any help with this.

-- Bob

p.s. in comm-toolbox.lisp, the macro "WITH-CSTRING-ERROR-CHECKING" seems
to contain the bug of making a condition object but not actually raising it
whenever #_CMSetConfig returns nonzero.  This makes it tricky to see what's
really going on.