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Clicc 0.6.4 in Codewarrior 5


Clicc is a Common Lisp to C compiler from the University of Kiel in
Germany. I generates C code that can be compiled into an app with the
local C-compiler. The compiler itself is written in Common Lisp, a huge
runtime library defining most of CLTL-II is in C, probably compiled with
Clicc itself. Paul Snively has ported an older version of clicc 0.6.2 to
an older version of Codewarrior (A very fast C compiler from Metrowerks)

Given Paul Snivelys code and with some help from Kiel I managed to get the
compiler up and running. 

However I still have problems with the generated C code on a mac (compiles
fine on a sparc or dec-alpha). First the basic Lisp representation uses a
construct that gcc compiles but Codewarrior not (a cast from a string to a
long, isn't C truely portable?).

I circumvented this problem by adapting the changes that Paul Snively made
for the old version (one can cast an int to a char *, oh well thats C).

Second and more serious the compiled code only runs on a powerpc and not
on a 68K Mac (it passes nearly all self tests in 68 mode, but the garbage
collector does not work). 

Has anybody else tried Clicc 0.6.4 in  Codewarrior 5? I would need some
support since I am not very familiar with C programming on the Mac and the
differences between an 68K and a PowerPc.


 Karsten A. Poeck, Lehrstuhl fuer Informatik VI, Universitaet Wuerzburg
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