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Re: Clicc 0.6.4 in Codewarrior 5

Karsten Poeck (poeck@informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de) wrote:
: Background:

: Clicc is a Common Lisp to C compiler from the University of Kiel in
: Germany. I generates C code that can be compiled into an app with the
: local C-compiler. The compiler itself is written in Common Lisp, a huge
: runtime library defining most of CLTL-II is in C, probably compiled with
: Clicc itself. Paul Snively has ported an older version of clicc 0.6.2 to
: an older version of Codewarrior (A very fast C compiler from Metrowerks)

: Given Paul Snivelys code and with some help from Kiel I managed to get the
: compiler up and running. 

I'm glad that someone found my hackery useful!

: However I still have problems with the generated C code on a mac (compiles
: fine on a sparc or dec-alpha). First the basic Lisp representation uses a
: construct that gcc compiles but Codewarrior not (a cast from a string to a
: long, isn't C truely portable?).

In a word: hell, no!  (Ok, two words.)

: I circumvented this problem by adapting the changes that Paul Snively made
: for the old version (one can cast an int to a char *, oh well thats C).

It sure is--type safety?  What a laugh.

: Second and more serious the compiled code only runs on a powerpc and not
: on a 68K Mac (it passes nearly all self tests in 68 mode, but the garbage
: collector does not work). 

I seem to remember this always being the case with my patches--the whole point
was to get Common Lisp code to compile on the PowerMac in some form, since at
that time there was an ENORMOUS broughaha over the idea that MCL would not go

: Has anybody else tried Clicc 0.6.4 in  Codewarrior 5? I would need some
: support since I am not very familiar with C programming on the Mac and the
: differences between an 68K and a PowerPc.

Well, you've caught the attention of the guy who did the original 0.6.2 work.
Where could I find your diffs to the 0.6.4 release?

: Karsten

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:  Allesgrundweg 12, 97218 Gerbrunn, Germany
:  E-mail: poeck@informatik.uni-wuerzburg.de
:  Tel ++ 49  931 70561 18, Fax ++ 49 931 70561 20
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Paul Snively