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Re: hardcopy - on sys7.5?

At 8:28 AM 2/23/95, Dimitri Simos wrote:
>I've just switched to system 7.5 and found that the hardcopy
>functions I've been using don't work, giving:
>> Error: Can't load printer.
>> While executing: ccl::prchk
>The file I was using was print-u.lisp from the User Contributed Code
>in the MCL 2.0.1 CD   (file date is Sept.93).
>Presumably there has been an update, would a kind soul please advise me on
>where a new or replacement file is to be found? 
>(Thinks: Will these hardcopy functions change and/or become integrated 
>in MCL 3.0 ?)
>Dimitri Simos                               dim@lissys.demon.co.uk
>Lissys Ltd.                 Tel.(Voice & Fax): UK (+44) 509 235620

The print-u.lisp at ftp.digitool.com:/pub/mcl/contrib/print-u.lisp.hqx
has been updated as of June 1994. Let us know how it works with System
7.5. We will consider making such functionality easier to access in 
MCL 3.0, but no decision has been made yet. Thank you for your comments.

- Steve Hain

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