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Re: some MCL questions

In article <...> lafourca@cs.usm.my (Mathieu Lafourcade) writes:
 > Here is some aspects of MCL and Lisp which I can't figure out by myself
 > * how to set-view-size and set-view-position without redrawing....
 > I modifiy the size and the position of many subviews and only after I want
 > to have a redrawing.

   ;; Do the set-view-size and set-view-position here

 > * how can I reduce an MCL image ? Any tree shacker for MCL ?

You can't yet.  There is no tree shaker.

 > * any url for the online CLtL2 ? Is the anything about CLtL3 (a such
 > version exists, isn't) ?


Thomas A. Russ,  USC/Information Sciences Institute          tar@isi.edu