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Hallo, MCL-users!

Looking for a possibility to create an interface between HyperCard and MCL I 
looked into the file HyperXCmd.lisp and found the following passage.

in-package :TRAPS)             ; 
;     HyperXCmd.p
;     Definition file for HyperCard XCMDs and XFCNs in Pascal.
;     Copyright Apple Computer, Inc.  1987-1990
;     All rights reserved

; *****
; this file is included for people who want to write code that can call
; XCMD's from MCL. MCL CANNOT be used to write an XCMD.
; *****

Can anybody tell me, why MCL cannot be used to write an XCMD and perhaps
also give some hint how to manage the interaction between these two

Thank you,
Elisabeth Neugebauer