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Re: some MCL questions

In article <v0151010dab728b3986e6@[]>, slh@digitool.com
(Steve Hain) wrote:

:  At 7:06 PM 2/23/95, Mathieu Lafourcade wrote:
:  >Here is some aspects of MCL and Lisp which I can't figure out by myself
:  >
:  >* how can I reduce an MCL image ? Any tree shacker for MCL ?
:  Your best bet is to recompile your system with the various *save-XXX*
:  and *fasl-save-XXX* variables set to nil. We do not have a tree-shaker
:  for MCL.
What about doing a (setf (symbol-function x) nil) on various functions
that are not be used in the application (like compiler/editor/...)?  Would
this reduce the size very much?