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(= GC ref.counting)?

Funny, I did not see anything in StCLtL on this...

(1) If two mutually referencing MCL objects are otherwise unreferenced, do they
get GC'ed?

(2) Extra Credit: How does GC work? Two lists, objects and conses, and if one
on the former ain't ref'ed by one of the latter, it's curtains? (I will
understand if the response is, "You got a coupla hours?")

>> BTW

We are *loving* MCL! The world should know about this language. Seriously, with
2-3mb RAM footprints par for the course, I think hardware has finally caught up
with John McCarthy. Let's all get over to the C++ forum...

Two weeks and I'm addicted to parentheses already. So much so the loop macro
turns me off--where are the parens?