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PCL under MCL2

I was just wondering if anyone out there has ported the PCL package to 
MCL2.  I realize this sounds strange, given the presence of CLOS in MCL2,
but PCL provides much of the MOP not currently available in MCL.  For those
of us interested in working with the MOP, PCL seems to provide our only 
avenue of exploration.

So to ask formally - would anyone who may have ported PCL to work under
MCL2, or who may be interested in cooperatively working to port it,
please contact me?

Thanks in advance!

Marty Kenner

     Martin Kenner			Phone: +1 (612) 736 3065
     3M Company				FAX:   +1 (612) 733 2165
     3M Center, Building 260-6A-08	Internet: makenner@3M.com
     St. Paul, MN  55144-1000