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At 11:33 AM 5/20/93 -0400, Steve Strassmann wrote:
> >Date: Thu, 20 May 1993 07:03:06 -0600
> >From: Mark Gross <mdg@sigi.cs.colorado.edu>
> >To: info-mcl-digest@cambridge.apple.com
> >Subject: PICT -> HPGL in MCL?
> >
> >Has anyone maybe written a driver in MCL to plot pictures on HPGL
> >devices?  Either from a PICT file or to unpack QD pictures and 
> >send them to the HPGL device.
>I think there's several Chooser-level products which let you print 
>to HPGL devices, without the need to customize your applications.
>I think many CAD programs are bundled with these drivers as well.

Once you find a Chooser-level driver, you'll need some MCL code that
knows how to print your graphics. Mark Tapia's "print-u.lisp" will be
helpful. I believe that it is available for anonymous FTP from
cambridge.apple.com in the directory "/pub/mcl2/contrib/".