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Lynch Lib uploaded

I have just uploaded Lynch Lib, which contains:

ll-init	Makes logical pathname "Lynch Lib"; adds it to search path
about	Defines an about screen.
cursor	Provides programmatic cursor control.
draw-cursor	Draws a cursor to a grafport.
find-special-folder	Finds special folders
font-info	Provides all the font-info stuff in bite-size chunks.
help-box	A rectangular view with arrows.
icons-sys7-tn306	Drawing icon suites; Tech-note 306.
menubar-hide	Hide and Show the menubar.
numb-o-rama	An easy way to paste mouse-position to a fred-window.
points	A few stupid functions for munging points.
soundex	String comparison based on 'sounds like'.
suspend-resume-events	Hooks into System suspension/resumption of
tool-palette	Simplifies making tool palettes just like in real programs.
twist-down	Provides heterarchy editing a la Finder.

It even contains documentation (gasp!) on all of theses.

I also altered and replaced the ABSTRACTS file, properly, I hope.
-- "TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu