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MCL interfaces for 7.1


Some days ago, I asked for the MCL Interfaces for 7.1. I saw that these
interface where available for MPW in the June Developper CD. Will Apple
ship the MCL version of these interfaces.

I know there is not a great chahge since 7.0, but some function has been
renamed, the organisation of traps has been chaged, etc. As I am using the
new inside Mac, the documented traps are the new ones and they are located
in the new managers.

I tried to build such interface files (at least for text handling), but it
is too hard for me. I found 2 new (?) traps I can not define: TEFromScrap
and TEToScrap in the textedit manager. 
I don't really want to spend my time in this as I really don't understand
the Pascal definitions (and the INLINE statement).

So my questions are : 

  Is there anybody at Apple who is doing this ?
  Does anybody plan to do this?
  When (approximatively)?
  Do I have to come back with my old IM IV to be able to handle
multilingual text?

I know it's really a big work, but I think it is time now to do it. I would
like to know if I can just wait a little, or do I just have to begin
programming with old Inside Macs.


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