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Problems with FF calls using 881 libs

I'm trying to ff load a fairly sizable program, compiled with
MPW C 3.2.4 using -mc68881 and -elems881, and using the
standard MPW libraries for the 68881 (CLib881, Math881,
etc.)  After my Mac (IIci with Daystar 68040 accelerator)
kept freezing, I narrowed the problem (if it's only one
problem) down to calls to atof().

So I decided to get to it directly using :library-entry-names
in ff-load, and (deffcfun (atof "atof") (string) :double).
The call (atof "12.3") gives 2.1220281696E-314.  Redefining
the interface to (deffcfun (atof "atof") (string)
:extended), (atof "12.3") gives 0.0.

If I don't use the 68881 libraries, the above atof call
works fine, but then my program won't work unless I compile
it without the 68881 switches.  Since the purpose of the
program _is_ to crunch numbers, this is ridiculous.

Any ideas?  Incidentally, I'm running with a MCL image that
has a very large Mac heap, just for safety.

--Mark Westling