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Pascal to MCL, e.g., speech manager

>Maybe I'm missing something here but how do I 
>FUNCTION  SpeakString( s: Str255): OSErr;
>    INLINE $203C, $0220, $000C,$A800; 
>FUNCTION SpeakText( chan:SpeechChannel; textBuf: Ptr; byteLen: LongInt): OSErr;
>    INLINE $203C, $0624, $000C,$A800;
>into deftrap? Are $0220 and $0624 the trap numbers?
>More generally has somebody alredy gone through the trouble of 
>creating an MLC interface for the new Mac speech manager?
>  Alex

I converted it last week. It is now available for anonymous FTP
from camridge.apple.com in the directory "/pub/mcl2/interfaces/"