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Quail 1.0 beta available (Quantitative Analysis in Lisp)


                       Quantitative Analysis in Lisp

                                 Quail 1.0
                               (beta release)


                    The Statistical Computing Laboratory
                                  of the
                Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
                          University of Waterloo
		         Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1

                       announces the beta release of

                                  Quail 1.0


Quail is a quantitative programming environment written in Common Lisp
(CL; CltL2) and is largely object-oriented (based on the CL Object System).
Quail extends the CL language to better support quantitative analysis.

Amongst its features are:

           Arithmetical, Mathematical and Statistical capabilities:

           - extended arithmetic including the ability to
             lexically redefine return results that usually produce NaNs
           - rich array manipulation facilities including:
                 - array combination and subsetting
                 - iteration macros
                 - mathematical functions operate elementwise on arrays
                 - matrix manipulation including various decompositions
                 - arrays by indirect reference and by copying
           - smooth access to other languages (esp. Fortran and C)
                 - foreign language arrays behave as Quail arrays.
           - special mathematical functions such as gamma, beta, continued
             fraction approximations, diffentiation (symbolic and numerical)
             and numerical integration, ...
           - probability calculations for a wide variety of discrete
             and continuous distributions including mixtures.
                 - pseudo-random number generation
                 - quantiles
                 - probabilities
                 - density and distribution function calculations
                 - collection of linear congruential generators.
           - statistical response models
                 - fitting of normal linear models,
                   and generalized linear models including

           Display facilities:
           - extended documentation and help facilities
                 - by parsing the CL documentation string documentation
                   objects are created which can be displayed in interactive
                   help windows
                 - tools for creating topics automatically from source
                   file organization
                 - automatic latex production of help documentation
           - object oriented graphics facilities including
                 - building blocks for arbitrary graphics
                 - collection of stock statistical graphics
                   Histograms, boxplots, function plots,
                   scatterplots, 3d-rotating scatterplots,
                   scatterplot matrices, Andrews' curves, ...
                 - function plotting,
                 - 3d-rotating function or surface plots
                       - wire-frame, hidden line, and solid polygon surface
                       - any of which can be depth-cued by colour
                 - arbitrary dynamic linking of graphics elements
                   allowing brushing within and across windows
           - graphical browsers
           - uniform access to a mouse and colour window system including
                 - automatic generation of colour postscript output
                   for all graphics


Quail is accessible via anonymous ftp from

             setosa.uwaterloo.ca  or

Login id: anonymous   Passwd: your-e-mail-address

Code can be found in pub/Quail 
READMEs found there will give further instructions.

A Franz and CLX based version is anticipated to be released late summer 1993.