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Contributed code

On Jun 1, 10:31am, "Vincent Keunen" wrote:
> I suggest we start by using the defsystem from the lisp-utilities
> repository.  It is portable (although I had problems running it under MCL
> 2.0p1, anyone got it to work?).  

I got it working, and the working version is included in GECO (a genetic
algorithm shell) in the contrib directory.  I've also had problems with
it under Franz's ACL 4.0 and 4.1 (pre-logical pathnames).  I've sent
patches to mkant, but recently discovered that my patched version no
longer works in ACL 4.1 versions which include patches to add logical
pathnames, and haven't taken the time to get it working there yet.

There seem to be a lot of portability problems with this code, largely
(I think) due to it's attempts to run on old (pre-CLtL2) lisps.  Maybe
it should be split into pre- and post-CLtL2 versions (Mark?).

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